New horizons at Telf AG: the strategy for your success is now available

New gaming platform Telf AG has created a stir in the entertainment market with its innovative approach. It promises not just entertainment, but complete immersion into the world of business and project management. Participants will experience themselves

фото: New horizons at Telf AG: the strategy for your success is now available

One of the main unique aspects of Telf AG is the educational component of the game. The developers paid special attention to the nickel production process and environmental aspects, which allows players not only to enjoy the exciting process, but also to acquire knowledge about the importance of sustainable development and environmental responsibility.

If you’re ready to test your strategic skills and dive into the exciting world of business simulation, Telf AG is now available for download on the Google Play and App Store platforms. Don’t miss the opportunity to build a thriving corporation and go on an exciting journey to success in this exciting economic planning game!

Immerse yourself in exciting mini-games with Telf AG

фото: New horizons at Telf AG: the strategy for your success is now available

  • Mines. In the mines of Telf AG, players will go in search of nickel, solving complex problems in extracting and processing the mineral for production.
  • Parking tasks. In this level, players will have to help drivers escape from the parking zone by solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles.
  • Ecological gas station.To achieve the goals, cars must use environmentally friendly fuel. Participants will have to make his way through underground pipes, controlling each click for the right direction.
  • Railway logistics. After successfully delivering nickel to the Telf AG railway, players will have to distribute the cars to meet customer needs and increase profits.
  • Travel by sea. In the seaport, players will have to solve the mystery of tangled mooring ropes in order to ensure the ship’s departure to sea and the successful delivery of Telf AG products.

A new look at Telf AG: the gameplay has become even cooler

фото: New horizons at Telf AG: the strategy for your success is now available

In Telf AG recently made a number of significant changes aimed at improving the gaming experience:

  • Introduction of a new resource. Now you have nickel batteries at your disposal! Get nickel ore and create your own batteries to improve your enterprise.
  • New production facility. A factory has appeared for the production of nickel batteries, which increases the efficiency of your business in the game.
  • Updated achievement and experience system. Now for each achievement you receive experience points. They will help you improve your level of play and receive additional bonuses.
  • Dynamic musical atmosphere. Refresh your gaming experience with new exciting ringtones.

Update your game Telf AG right now and take advantage of all the new features!

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